Message From the Founders…

Forte’ Cunningham,  Reason we do it…

As a youthful and inquisitive military dependent growing up in Germany, I was afforded the opportunity to participate in many international team building events that provided an in depth perspective of the importance of creating and maintaining healthy relationships with not only United States of America citizens, but also international partners.  The numerous and harmonious encounters that I experienced while living abroad for approximately 12 years, shaped my core beliefs and aspirations of creating a non-profit organization that will service the needs of homeless people throughout America and living within other countries.  It is upon this motivation that the following topics will be discussed throughout this essay:   A projection of where this passion will lead me within the next five years; How I had to leave the MBA program at JMU an pursue MPA degree will impact my professional growth within my desired career path, and the motivations, experiences and values which lead me to wanting to help Veterans.

The Next Five Years – A Path of Creation Toward Building a Non-profit Organization

It is easy for one to overlook or misunderstand how people feel when they are impoverished or trapped in a societal conundrum that almost silences their ability to be heard or helped out of devastating situations.  In order for a person to receive help or move toward a healthy lifestyle beyond the borders of famine and homelessness, someone must listen closely and hear the cries of many while strategically implementing mechanisms that will make a positive change in the lives of disenfranchised people.  It is with great optimism that within the next five years, I will create a fully functional non-profit organization that will assist in eradicating homelessness and other disparities that plague the lives of many military veterans, families and citizens within the United States of America.  Additionally, this organization will eventually grow into an

IT DOESN’T STOP HERE! We also have an international body of passionate believers that are dedicated to helping people within the same situations abroad solely waiting on the NGO status to come in five years one a working model is created.  This is my personal passion that will come to fruition within the next five to twenty years.  Anyone that desires to make an impact on the lives of people through public servitude and within the realms of a non-profit organization, would definitely benefit from the tutelage provided throughout a Master of Public Administration program, and more precisely, from leaders already established which is my main reason for pursuing another Master’s degree. A passion can and will provide fuel toward the achievement of any goal, but to put things in motion, one must know how to drive and navigate through various obstacles that can only be achieved from learning.

What Is My Motivation

     One must eventually realize that life is about helping other people and not just reaping the benefits of self-fulfillment.  Additionally, governmental agencies have the power and authority to exercise policies and various statutes that affect the lives of many people, but unfortunately, some of the people affected by these policies do not have the voice to serve as effective advocates toward policy change when necessary.  Someone must serve as this voice and it is with great certainty that I am called to be this voice.  From the outpost ranks of military service members marching in Germany, to various destitute neighborhoods within the U.S., I have seen many people cry out for an advocate that would speak for them and bring forth change that would help them gain a normal life, but the cry was not always answered.

How would a person feel when faced with the reality of knowing that a loved one was sinking quickly in poverty, drug addiction and an utter feeling of hopelessness.  Moreover, through the windows of various cars, buses and other forms of transportation, one may have the opportunity to see a person living on the streets while their personal destination is certain and comfortable with amenities that dreams are made of.  Any given day, this scenario takes place in front of various 7 Eleven stores throughout El Paso, Texas.  What a motivation to inspire anyone to act on an inner calling to create an organization that will help these people get off the streets and into a program that provides life changing experiences through teaching, mentoring and the provision of much needed personal welfare goods.  The window that looks out can also be a mirror that projects a call to duty.  I have seen this window and must learn the intricacies of public administration in an attempt to create an organization that will aide in the elimination of homelessness and poverty through empowering people to grasp a better life.     I can no longer continue to watch the homeless and destitute without rolling down my window and extending my hand to them as they reach out for help.   It is with great pleasure that I express this desire to change the lives of many through creating a non-profit organization that will serve with excellence.

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