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We pave the way to awaken the creativity, potential, and purpose of the youth. We believe in the healing power of compassion, and use this philosophy to bring hope to those who need it most.

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Passion Over Profit Foundation is a Non-Profit Organization focused on the youth and improving their quality of life. We want to help them break the social chains that bind them and enable them to ultimately live independent and sustainable livelihoods. We pave the way to awaken the creativity, potential, and purpose of DeKalb County youth in Illinois.

We are also passionate about promoting the well-being of people in need. We believe in the healing power of compassion, and use this philosophy to bring hope to those who need it most. We provide basic human needs to those who lack them, extending a helping hand where it is asked for. We are committed to alleviating poverty and social exclusion to all the disadvantaged individuals and families within the community.


To provide mentorship, opportunities, and resources to at-risk youth and marginalized communities across the state of Illinois. Through these programs, we empower them to find their purpose in life and succeed in it.


To be an impactful mentoring movement that builds highly motivated, passionate, and hardworking individuals who lead successful lives and make positive contributions to their community.


Driven By Purpose

The foundation strongly believes in the values of diligence, dedication, and determination as fundamental requirements needed for the success of our operations. These values guide and regulate our activities in the course of pursuing our vision of transforming the lives of the underprivileged in our society.


We are inspired by the passion to provide social aid to the members of the community who need it most. We aim to make a positive difference in various areas like education, health care, disaster response, and better living for the disadvantaged and needy.

Inclusivity and Empowerment

We recognize the need for proper guidance for every school-going teen, despite their background and current circumstances. The design of the mentoring programs creates an environment where young people could learn and grow into whom they desire to be.

We endear to reduce the limitations that hamper their potential—ranging from lack of adequate information to getting sponsorship opportunities that drive their career growth.

Long-Term Mentorship

We aspire to be a platform where students get nuggets of wisdom and insight that they won’t find in any business manual. The community-based mentors will expound on the personal instincts and invaluable tips they learned on the road to success. In the end, these lessons get passed on, creating a blueprint for leaving a legacy for future generations.


We are actively seeking to connect with individuals, businesses, and organizations from Illinois and beyond to share in our Mission and Vision. Through this collaboration, we believe that we build a mentoring and life-changing movement that benefits the youth and grants equal opportunity for all people to fulfill their potential.

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